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About Sebastian...

There isn't really anything about photography, videography, or anything in between that doesn't interest me. As a BECA student finishing my last semester at San Francisco State University, I have learned to appreciate every aspect of production, whether on a personal production level or in a studio. I strive to learn more every day. A friend once told me that I should be impressed with my improvement when I look back at my past work. "Every shoot should be better than the last" is a motto I hope to achieve.

I have lived in the East Bay Area my entire life. This is a place I would like to always call home as well as the place where I can grow my personal image. Real Estate Photography has quickly become my entrance into a creative field of work. After many years of photographing as a hobby, I can finally say that I am photographing professionally. This is only the first milestone and I will continue to work hard to expand and grow as a creative. 

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